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Summer Bucket List, 2021 – Joy the Baker


I’m a little behind schedule this year but friends, the Summer Bucket List is HERE!  Just in time for a 4th of July weekend camping trip (don’t be too jealous, I’ll be in the Louisiana rain) and an attitude that’s eased into the heat and humidity.  

This marks the sixth summer I’ve shared my summer list with you and the first list mostly post pandemic so –  let’s really go for it.  By “go for it” I mean get out of the dang house and enjoy it all the way.  

If you need a little reminder about how to live the very best summer, here’s a refresh. I would LOVE for you to create your own and bucket list share it with me on Instagram. I’m committed to living this summer all the way (and focusing hard on some housekeeping growth and opportunities on Joy the Baker). We’re doing it all! 

How To Make A Summer Bucket List:  

BUCKET LIST buck•et list (noun): a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have accomplished during their lifetime.  Also, a 2007 comedic film featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  

SUMMER BUCKET LIST sum•mer buck•et list (noun):  a list of things that a person would like to accomplish and experience during the summer months.  If done correctly, should involve water-guns, pool time, and roller-skates.  

This summer I hope to: 

•  Cook as much as I can outside over fire.  This weekend I’m taking these Mediterranean Salmon Parcels camping and cooking them in the fire. I’m also going to try cooking a chuck roast in this Lodge cast iron if the rain doesn’t come down too hard. 

•  Make mango and coconut popsicles. The kind with toasted flaked coconut inside. I don’t have a recipe yet but I do have a carving. 

•  Surf in Mexico (and eat everything). I’m headed to Mexico at the end of July with two girlfriends who also turn 40 this year.  I’m signed up for a surf lesson and listen… if I get in the water with a surf board under my arm I’m going to call it a success. Surfing is tricky and I’ll keep my expectations nice and low. Vacation is no time to be hard on yourself. It is a time to try something new and eat everything delicious. 

•  Motorcycle Road Trip with Will. Praying to the hurricane gods in the gulf and the wildfire gods in California that they go easy on us as we hope for an August road trip across the country? Will I melt? Yes. 

•  Work up to a 10 mile run.  I can push myself to five miles and I’m hoping to push through the mental roadblocks and get to ten good miles. 

•  Learn how to drive a motorcycle.  By that I mean stop stalling it and maybe have the guts to move from first to second gear. 

•  Make clay earrings.  I want to start this craft now for my holiday gifts. I’m scouring the Internet for tutorials and there is loads of inspiration.  I love this simple tutorial to start and have this clay on order

•  Love, big, everything. A blessing, don’t you think? 

Take a peek at Bucket Lists from the past: 

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I hope this brings some light and inspiration to your day and to your summer! 

My love to you.

xo Joy


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