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The Home Distiller’s Workbook Vol II: How to Brew Beer, a beginners guide to home brewing (Volume 2)

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Get the eBook version FREE* with purchase via Amazon’s MatchBook service. How to Make Beer is the first companion book to the best selling Home Distiller’s Workbook. Many people are looking to learn the lost art of Moonshining and try to jump right into distilling but quickly learn that running a still is only half of the equation. While certainly important, distillation does not make alcohol, it only concentrates it. The real magic of alcohol is in brewing. A little known secret is that brewing a good beer is the first real step to making a great whiskey. As such I wrote this book to teach people the basics of brewing. We will cover the topic of Extract Brewing, as opposed to the more complicated All Grain Brewing which will be covered in the next book in the series. You will learn all the concepts and skills needed to not only make a good larger or ale but also what sets it apart from a distiller’s beer/mash. We will discuss malts, yeasts, and different brewing techniques. Whether you want to just learn how to make your own beer or you are looking to round out your moonshine making skills, How to Make Beer will give you the essential skills you need. *Note that all books published by FOI Publishing are DRM FREE as well as MATCHBOOK ENABLED. What is MatchBook? MB is a program in Amazon where, if the publisher enables it (And we have!), you get the kindle version for a discounted price. How discounted? Well at FOIPub we think FREE is the right answer to that question. Our view is that you have purchased a “License” for the book. You paid for it right? Then who are we to say when and how you want to enjoy your media. Paperback or eBook, we don’t care, read it however you want. That is why all FOIPub eBooks are now 100% when you buy the paperback! It is also why there is no DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM is used to stop people from copying media from one device to another. Mainly to stop media pirates from stealing an author’s work. Our take at FOIPub is that we don’t just assume that our readers are thieves like some publisher do! And lets face it, honest folk will pay for good content and thieves never were going to pay for it in the first place. Its why we call them thieves right? So if you are a customer please know that we honor and respect your choice to pay for our content. If you are a thief, what can I say, hope you like your Karma!


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The Home Distiller’s Workbook Vol II: How to Brew Beer, a beginners guide to home brewing (Volume 2)
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