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Gaea Organic Snack Pack Pitted Green Olives with Sea Salt and Lemon Juice – 2.3 oz (Pack of 8)

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Product Description

GAEA Organic Halkidiki Olives are handpicked from our own olive groves of organically cultivated trees. We take great pride in our passion for Greek olives and love to share this passion with you. The Halkidiki variety of olive is known for its firm texture, nice bite, mellow flavor, and tart finish. Once the olives have been harvested, we marinate them for several days in our GAEA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These olives are perfect for salads, snacks, or munching on-the-go. Versatile enough that you can grab them when you’re in a rush and have a healthy snack for later in the day. Our unique packaging is resealable and liquid-free. We know convenient snacking needs to be spill-free, and sometimes you want a little for now and a little for later. This packaging also retains the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean. Whether you’re tossing these olives in your purse or in your child’s lunchbox, these convenient organic olive snack packs will be a real treat during your busy day. Preservative-free with reduced salt.

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Gaea was founded in 1995. Our name didn’t come about by accident; in ancient Greek mythology, Gaea was Mother Earth—a symbol of fertility and the goodness of the earth. As such, our vision has been to introduce the world to the benefits of the Greek Mediterranean diet by combining exquisite Greek products based on olive oil with our penchant for tradition and simplicity.

Gaea is much more than elegantly-packaged wholesome foods and fine ingredients. It is a genuine philosophy of life, at the core of which is a deep appreciation for nature. We’ve always favored non-aggressive harvesting over large volumes and high yields. And although we invest heavily in research and employ cutting-edge technology, we never stray too much from time-honored practices.

Our goal is to become international ambassadors not just of top-quality olive oil products, but of a better, healthier, more fulfilling way of eating—and living.

Gaea’s significant know-how has allowed the development of an extended distribution network that supports the international distribution of its products. 82% of GAEA sales are in the international market.

EUROPE (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Britain, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands Asia (China and Hong Kong) Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Brazil

GAEA Owns all of the Olive Farms

We control our olives so we can ensure our quality standards and ethics are met every day. Providing the best and most ethical olives and olive oil for our customers

Commitment To Sustainability

Climate Change is a reality that demands a higher level of responsibility from all of us.

In recognizing the severity of this issue, GAEA has minimized its impact on the climate by measuring and counterbalancing carbon emissions (CO2) of its olive oil products, in cooperation with the Swiss organization “myclimate”.

Measurements of carbon emissions are taken during the entire production cycle. This includes the cultivation and transportation of olives, the production and bottling of the olive oil and, finally, the distribution of the end product in Greece and abroad.

As a result, the GAEA olive oils have minimized their negative impact on the environment and have become the first Extra Virgin olive oils in the world certified as Carbon Neutral.

Our People Make The Difference


Authentic, great-tasting products—as our numerous awards attest. Products that are a result of innovation, retro-innovation (such as oxymelo, which is based on an ancient Greek recipe), research, and state of the art technology (olive snack pack). Unsurpassed service.

Commitment To Quality


100% natural, totally free from additives and preservatives. Most awarded Extra Virgin olive oils, olives and sauces in the world—all from Greece. All major international certifications and accreditations of the highest level.

Committed To Fresh

Gaea—also known as Mother Earth in the history of creation in ancient Greek mythology—is a symbol of fertility and the goodness of earth. Since ancient times, Greeks have worshipped the natural products of their land, and developed a simple, yet effective, diet with health-promoting properties. Traditional Greek dishes are still based on recipes handed down from generation to generation.

The Gaea product range offers all those wholesome ingredients that are indispensable to fine, traditional Greek cuisine. These ingredients are only of the highest quality; they are naturally-grown, sun-ripened and harvested in a time-honored manner. It is important for Gaea to preserve and optimize the offerings of Mother Earth.

CONVENIENCE – These 8 snack packs are perfect to take with you for healthy snacking on-the-go. Find a way to fit healthy eating and The Mediterranean Diet into your busy lifestyle. Convenience doesn’t have to be unhealthy! With all organic ingredients and no preservatives, these simple snacks are a real treat. These snack packs don’t require refrigeration, so you can just pop them in your purse for those hangry moments.
GREAT FOR KIDS – Pack your kids something healthy in their lunchbox. The omega 3s and healthy fats in olives support optimal brain function. The composition of an olive is perfect for keeping bellies happy and minds inquisitive. This salty snack has a very satiating quality and doesn’t have artificial ingredients like most chips, cookies, and other on-the-go packaged foods.
FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE – Whatever your dietary needs, we most likely have you covered. With simple, heathy, plant-based, organic ingredients, Our olives are: Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, & Kosher. A perfect low-calorie snack that fits your lifestyle.
RESEALABLE – Once you pop it open, you can close it right back up. Only want a couple olives for now so you can save the rest for later? We all like a little mid-morning snack. We get it. Not a problem! With our handy resealable packaging, you can zip it up when you’re done, and unzip when it’s time to get to snacking.


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Gaea Organic Snack Pack Pitted Green Olives with Sea Salt and Lemon Juice – 2.3 oz (Pack of 8)


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