1. This boy asks to do school books all the time; he loves working on them, gets frustrated when he can’t quite get something, but then celebrates with his whole being once he nails it ❤️️

2. And Isabelle just wants to be where “her boys” are; I just love how much she loves them.

3. I got some unsolicited big-time snuggles from my big kid a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely the best.

4. Isabelle is totally potty trained now so we’ve finally packed up all of the diaper necessities and oh my goodness, after 6.5 years of having toddlers and babies in diapers non-stop, it seems like it was an eternity, yet went so fast all at once.

5. Really like this >> 10 Things We’ve Never Regretted Spending Money On

6. Need an easy, cool-off recipe for this summer? Ice cream sandwich cake is where it’s at! Keep it in the freezer for whenever you need a cold treat!

7. My cousin had a baby over the weekend (a little boy!); it’s the first baby in our family other than our three and I am SO EXCITED 💖

8. I heard that Yellowstone might not come back until August, waiting until after the Olympics are over. Has anyone heard the same? I cannot WAIT to see what happens!

9. But on that note, we did find another really good show we’re both enjoying – Scott & Bailey (I believe it’s on Amazon Prime and Hulu). It’s a British crime drama (and sometimes funny!) based around two female detectives.

10. TGIF! Kid and pup snuggles are the best!