1. This week we got back a little bit of normalcy. First up was the return to swim lessons. The kids hadn’t been there in 15 months and it was the first time Isabelle was in the pool without me; they all were SO excited and did wonderfully!

2. I also got my hair cut and colored for the first time since January 2020 and omg did it need it! My head feels 10 pounds lighter, ha!

3. We’ve been enjoying a lot of playtime, coloring, being outside, and being free of schedules (mostly) for the summer. I’m happy to report that summer break is still feels glorious as a parent!

4. It takes literally only one or two days in the upper 80’s with humidity to make me ready for fall weather. We went out onto the deck one morning earlier this week and Joseph said, “It’s SO HOT, I feel like I’m inside a pot of pasta!” He clearly takes after his mother 🤣

5. What a wonderful story this is! It completely warms my heart to see young people being so thoughtful and generous.

6. No-bake cookies are the perfect summertime treat!

7. This post really filled my heart with joy, especially after reading the comments about who other people are drawn to helping ❤️️

8. Does anyone use Clickup for managing tasks/projects? How do you like it?

9. Super excited for the new seasons of Yellowstone and Bosch this month!!

10. TGIF! Love our little snuggle bugs 🙂